Your pet’s health is very important and their dental health affects their overall well-being, so it’s a must that you don’t overlook this aspect. Most pet owners don’t realize how common dental disease is, so you need to monitor their oral health to ensure there are no problems.

Gum disease in cats and dogs is very problematic because it can lead to heart, lung and kidney disease and may shorten their lifespan. Pets with good dental hygiene generally live longer, so if you’d like your pet to be a part of your family for as long as possible, make sure you do the following:

Attend Every One Of Your Vet Appointments

This is very important because a vet can detect problems early on which will make a significant difference in your pet’s dental health. Skipping regular vet appointments can cause gum disease and other dental issues to go undetected, which will lead to excruciating pain. Additionally, these problems can become more serious, so these vet visits are a must because they will examine your pet thoroughly and will check their teeth to ensure there are no issues. When a problem is spotted early on, it can be treated easily.

Look For Signs Of Gum Disease

Bad breath is the most common sign of periodontal disease but there are other warning signs as well. Discoloration, plaque and tartar, red and sore gums and reluctance to eat are all signs that your pet’s dental health can be improved, so if you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your vet right away.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

This is not an easy thing to do, so many pet owners skip this chore, but this can lead to problems because plaque will harden and will cause damage. Brushing your pet’s teeth will make a very big difference because it will eliminate plaque and tartar. Look for a pet-friendly toothpaste that your pet likes and give them dental treats as a reward for their cooperation to make the process easier.

Monitor Your Pet’s Diet

What they eat has a direct effect on their dental health, so you need to assess their diet to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. Proper nutrition is a must because it helps keep bones, teeth and gums healthy. If you need advice regarding this matter, don’t be afraid to ask your vet for their professional recommendations.

Get Your Pet’s Teeth Professionally Cleaned

This will allow your pet to maintain a healthy mouth and your vet will be able to assess their oral health during this process. Lumps and bumps can develop inside your pet’s mouth and these may not be visible to you, which may cause them to develop into cysts and tumors. Professional cleanings will prevent this from happening because a vet will assess every area of their mouth and will be able to spot issues that may be concerning.

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